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The film is getting set for release in 2018.

“Melancholia” – The chronicle of psychological depression during the Greek economic crisis.


Melancholia is a Greek-Canadian co-production between Gamda International Corporation and A&G Films Media Entertainment.

The film deals with an issue which has been increasingly predominant in Greece during the recent years of economic crisis: the prevalence of psychological depressive disorders. Witnessing the personal experiences of patients of all ages and social backgrounds who grapple with the problem, we give a tangible and definite form to the abstract notion of Melancholia. At the same time, doctors and nursing staff working in mental care facilities relate to us their daily struggle as they take care of patients while they themselves try to cope with the crisis in their own lives.


“Monachi (All Alone)”: Musical Arrangements and Production: Kostas Filippeos, Chris Phillips (Filippeos)
Music and Lyrics: Kostas Filippeos and George Politis, performed by MARIANNA POLYCHRONIDES



With pain and bitterness I sing
In empty streets I’m wondering
Far away from paradise
Alone in the abyss of no demise

~ Refrain ~
Within this battered heart of mine
Cries from my love in a distance chime
In her warm embrace, She held me tight
It’s what I Long for every night

In foreign lands I walk astray
Bitterness and sorrow I push away
So I can heal the wound inside
My life in darkness has opened wide

Lyrics: George Politis

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George Politis
image character
Demetre James Politis
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Antigoni Gavriatopoulou
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Chris Phillips
Music & Music Producer