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There is a part of recent Greek history that remains untold... until now.

In the midst of the depression through World War II, the Greek port of Piraeus’s underworld was home to a special breed of men.

They were known as Manges.



In Nick Papas’ personal search for freedom, he became an outlaw and a hero…

Drugs, violence and passion beyond his wildest dreams.

AETOS follows the journey of a young boy through to his manhood. He is one of the unsung heroes of Greece that fought for his liberty and personal freedom against the phalynx of oppression and dictatorship. Through his story, we become acquainted with Greek culture and a way of life that existed in a time of political turbulence. We delve into the secret world of the “manges”; an underground sub-cultural society that existed within a fascist world.

The emergence of a style of music in a time of turmoil, precedes this story, yet amplifies the tragedy that lies within. This is indeed a Modern Greek tragedy, documented as one man’s attempt at a life in a world of hypocrisy. There is no happy ending, because for many there were none.

This film will tell a true story. A story that, until this day, remains untold.





The Technical

The screenplay was written to satisfy several different numbers of needs. First, many scenes can be shot in any country, and utilize the available occasions and studios to facilitate the shot. Of course, when reading the transcript, several locations must be shot in Greece, and the production budget will allow this. Secondly, the nature of the story follows one person’s journey, and except for a few scenes, most of the movie can be achieved with a relatively inexpensive cost to the production. Third, by attracting and securing “star status” actors, a relatively low budget independent film can be shot with an expected high revenue in distribution sales. This is a co-production between Canada and Greece.

Glossary of Terms

MANGAS, a man who chose to live in the underworld, a sub cultural group of men who were avid users of drugs such as hashish and Cocaine. Mangas were involved in criminal activities from the 1920’s thru to post World War II, whose home base was the dingy shanty sections of the Port of Piraeus in Greece. Most Mangas were known by an alias in order to avoid using their own names.

AETOS, this means Eagle in Greek.

REMBETIKO MUSIC, a form of Greek blues music originating with deeply rooted influences from Asia Minor stemming from the struggles of persecuted Greek refugees entering Greece from Turkey in the nineteen twenties. This was the choice of music mostly associated with the Mangas culture.

ZEIBEKIKO, a personal solo or one man dance for a Mangas usually under the influence of hashish.

TEKES, an illegal private nightclub where a Mangas could smoke hashish in pipes while listening and dancing to live rembetiko music with the company of prostitutes.

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George Politis
image character
Antigoni Gavriatopoulou
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Chris Phillips
Music & Music Producer
image character
Demetre James Politis

MARCH 25, 1992-JUNE 4, 2018