GAMDA INTERACTIVE (A Division of Gamda International Corporation)

Gamda International Corporation, established in 1995 is a wholly owned Private Canadian Corporation which provides financial Marketing and referral services for businesses and Not-For-Profit Organizations.

In 2001 Gamda Interactive was created as a division of Gamda International Corporation in order to publish Calendars and Cookbooks focusing primarily in the Life Sector.

In 2006 Gamda Interactive expanded into the Film, Music, and Multi Media sector.

Gamda Interactive is Co-Producing two projects with Greece, a feature film which is currently under development, “Aetos, A Man Called Eagle”, and a 50-minute documentary “Melancholia”.

Gamda Interactive is the Executive Producer of the albums “KAIMOS HARA ALITHIA” released in 2018 and  “Door to the Sky” released in 2019 by Odeon Records, Toronto Canada.