GAMDA INTERACTIVE (A Division of Gamda International Corporation)

Gamda International Corporation, established in 1995 is a wholly owned Private Canadian Corporation which provides financial Marketing and referral services for businesses and Not-For-Profit Organizations.

In 2001 Gamda Interactive was created as a division of Gamda International Corporation in order to publish Calendars and Cookbooks focusing primarily in the Life Sector.

Gamda Interactive is always looking for great stories
for both film and documentaries.

 If you want to share your story or ideas,
please contact us.

Our Projects
  • IN PRODUCTION Melancholia is a Greek-Canadian co-production between Gamda International Corporation and A&G Films Media Entertainment. The film deals with an issue which has been increasingly predominant in Greece during the recent years of economic crisis: the prevalence of psychological depressive disorders. Witnessing the personal experiences of patients of all...
  • IN DEVELOPMENT In Nick Papas' personal search for freedom, he became an outlaw and a hero... Drugs, violence and passion beyond his wildest dreams. AETOS follows the journey of a young boy through to his manhood. He is one of the unsung heroes of Greece that fought for his liberty...
  • RELEASE DATE: EARLY 2018 Musical Arrangements and Production: Kostas Filippeos Computer Programming, Keyboard Arrangements, Mixing, Production: Chris Phillips (Filippeos) Vocals: George Politis Music and Lyrics: Kostas Filippeos and George Politis HISTORY OF REBETIKO Rebetiko have been around in some form since the turn of the century. In 1923 Greece was...
  • Music: Kostas Filippeos Lyrics: George Politis Produced by Kostas and Christos Filippeos From the album I Porta Tou Ouranou